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Increase the max level of 3* dragons

Some 3* dragons have good abilities but their poor attack, defense and health at max level make them useless. It would be good if they have the same max level as 4s or 5s.

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They’re 3*, that’s the point. Time to get 4*. But eventually you’ll say the same about those.

Even if it would need something as hard to get as three 5* dragons, it would be acceptable. In fact what I want is some 5* dragons with the abilities of some 3* dragons.

Like what dragon? There’s generally a better 4 or 5 star alternative than a 3. But that’s the trade off, you want high stats you use 5 stars, want those specific abilities, you’re stuck with 3 star.

Also just increasing the cap wouldn’t give that many more stats, the upgrade to the next star level and resetting back to level 1 is where the big difference in stats comes from.

So should I say max train times? Or any other way to increase the stats, that’s the point. In some cases there are many alternatives, but all with slower spirit speed, so they’re not always as helpful.
Examples of some particular abilities that worth considering: all allies take 45% decreased damage with fast spirit speed to get a higher chance of using the ability before enemy dragons. Just use it to survive the most fierce attack of abilities. For example, when I find it impossible to move a bomb of Screaming Death to the top at the beginning of a battle, I would need it. Sure there are 5*s with damage decrease ability but their spirit speed are not as fast. And you see in such situation it won’t matter how long the buff lasts. Another one is one with fast spirit speed and the ability to decrease spirit of all enemy dragons. Sure Toothless is one alternative but different color would mean more chance to use such ability and more chance to get a few turns for other dragons.

I like this suggestion :smiley: would be cool to have a 5* torch

Would give F2p players good options too!!

Well today my whole team got wiped out again because my skyglow just need a little more spirit to use its ability in time.
I doubt if they just give some good abilities to 3* dragons to balance because they surely would be useless because of their poor stats.