Increase V.I.P. Range


Please increase the VIP range from +33% to +50%.


Fully agreed… but then if they do that they’ll change the spawn mechanics to still make them just outside the ring


I’d rather VIP get +20% more DNA per shot + increase storage to 300 darts.


I’d rather that VIP allowed us to dart anything on screen and increase the dart cap (although with the new update I never worry about darts anymore).


I did VIP for a month, as a way of chucking a bit of cash to say thanks for a game I have been playing. VIP was OK as a fund the game devs gesture, but benefits are too small, compared to cost, to make it a viable option each month


The increased range is worth it for me. I let it slip after the first month and reinstated it ASAP.


I liv oiut in the sticks, even with VIP range any dinos spawning near home were still too fara way to catch. When I’m out and about range is no issue as I walk close enough… As no chance of DNA from the “couch” (would be nice at home whilst cooking a meal, doing other house jobs when finished going out for the day to have a catch chance) then no real incentive as only benefit is extra time duration (and with new changes double amount from supply drops)


That would be nice and really make VIP worth it!

Or, consider adding VIP Plus (for a reasonable fee), where you get a further range, more time and more dart storage space.

I would definitely get it as it would allow me to reach more spawn points near my rural home.