Increased Data Usage with Update?


I was curious if anyone else has seen an increase in data usage with the new update? Previously I as able to play quite a bit and not really notice much data usage, but over the past 12-24h I’ve chewed up close to 500mb in data! Does this seem like the norm?

Love the game, but if we’re out and about catching dinos most likely there isn’t Wifi.


Were you on cellular when you downloaded the update?


It’s proabably because after the update you need to redownload all the maps and graphical assets as you play.



Ya I was on wifi when I downloaded the update, but I started looking at it after the fact. The game didn’t use much data in the previous version, but noticed this morning when I went out hunting it was probably 50% more data than I used to use. I’ll keep a closer eye on it and see. I was just curious if other people observed something similar or if it was a settings issue on my end.



that might be true, as well. I’ll keep a closer eye on it this weekend.


Hey there that does not sound right to me I play 30-40 mins every morning while walking the dogs and over 1 to 1 1/2 hours at night when I walk them again and since the update it’s not changed my usage at all. Things to not do off wifi are powering up Dino’s and opening incubators or battling. I save that stuf for wifi only. Walking and darting Dino’s takes little to no data I reset my numbers every 8th of the month as that’s when my plan resets and now it’s the 26th so 19 days of play and less then 1gig used from the game. If you loggin with Facebook that can eat data quickly so I login and immediately log out of Facebook as it has burned 250 meg just doing that I did not look at it last month and it ate over 600 meg when I forgot to turn it off right away over the same period of time. Check you cellular info and see what apps are using data and turn off their access to cellular and that will help.


Your right! Its cus the game has to loaf EVERY-THING textures, movements, ect ect. I wasnt happy bout it either plus battles take waaay to much now