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Increased Green Supply Drops, PLEASE


If this new schedule (which I’m sure you’ve noticed that none of your players seem to like) is going to last, then you need to PLEASE increase the, uh, supply of green supply drops on a day like today when we have THIRTY SIX allowed attempts in less than 24 hours. I had to walk 2 miles just to hit 6, and I didn’t even care to be particular about what I darted. If I was focused on any one, I’d have only been able to do 2 in that distance. I’m not one who wants to drive around and waste gas trying to max out my attempts, but I also don’t have the time to be walking 100 miles in order to encounter enough chances. Random spawn times isn’t enough, there needs to be more opportunity, as well.


Quick remarks to add onto this:

  1. If treasure boxes can become supply drops after they’re opened, then I’m sure somewhere in the future the programmers can work their magic to turn completed towers into event dino supply drops while maintaining the balance between green/orange supply drops.

  2. An alternative to killing folks driving all over the city looking for 36 of the same dinos, is to simply increase the dart time for event dinos only. Instead of the typical run you get double the time, so the number of dinos folks need to encounter can be reduced by half as well. So instead of 36 attempts it can be 18 attempts but each dino dart time can be 36 seconds instead of the 18 for non-vip.

@KelKelAZ there are still many things that can be done to better the gameplay but it’s just a matter of time and hope that the right folks at the right time see these suggestions but for the most part everyone chiming in and starting popular posts seem to work…lol


I dont even bother on events like this. If there is one in the area i am in then i’ll dart, otherwise, meh. If I could recommend anything, if you see an Apatosaurus, I would dart that as it has the highest health in the game


I like your ideas! Awhile back, I had made the suggestion that maybe all event drops could house all current event dinos. However, the player can only choose one per cool down period. So I can go up to one and choose between the 4. Once I complete my darting, it goes blank until it’s time for the next spawn. I’m sure it fell on deaf ears (blind eyes) like it seems most people’s suggestions do. I understand if some of our ideas just can’t work, but it would be nice to know they’ve been given a look and/or consideration.


Survival of the fittest.

No I’m not going to flame anyone here, but there are high level peeps for a reason. If you have more time to play a game then you should succeed?



I am the last person to ask for everything to come super easy, but there’s also a point where it’s a little too hard. There’s a happy medium in here somewhere. You have no idea about my level or rank or how hard I work at this game, by the way. Who’s to say I haven’t succeeded? I don’t cheat. I prefer walking or riding my bike over driving. I built an amazing alliance full of the best people. I love this game despite its many shortcomings. Your key to success is brutally simplistic. Right?


There are times I wish they would implement a speed restriction on this game and then readjust the spawn rates accordingly. Now there are times mainly when im in the passenger seat that im glad they dont. But my current playstyle is like 80% on foot and 20% in a vehicle. The 20% is where the bulk of my team progression comes… i enjoy walking so its my preferred style of play.

I could spend 10 hours walking and get significantly less progress then someone driving around or sitting in public transportation for a few hours. So its not as simple as who spends more time.


Isn’t it more like 75% foot, 15% vehicle, 10% restarting the game? Now I’m heading out for a 4+ mile jog where I’ll enjoy some darting breaks at every green drop I pass (which will probably only be 5 :joy:)

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If were gonna include restart times mines probaly a little higher then that… i live out in the middle of nowhere and when i switch between lte and 3g because of service it almost always requires a restart.