Increased spawns of creatures on display this week


I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but I noticed a significant increase in Nodosaurus spawn. Also, I found Nodopatosaurus and Ankylosaurus wild, things that to me are very rare to happen. Is it the same for everyone?


I am not sure about the increase of spawns for all creatures (showcased for that week), but I myself have encountered increased spawns of the current (that day) park event creatures.
e.g.: During the T-Rex event, I saw at least 4 T-Rexes that day and many of them spawn just around the park supply drop due to which one might even miss it.


Agree that experience shows you get an increase in the dinos that are currently appearing at event drops - or it could just be coincidence :wink:


I am playing this game since his launch and, even if I go to local zone 1 every day I haven’t seen a single Sinoceratopo in the wild. Until these days: I saw two of them in two different zones.

Also, I see more rare / epics if I move, even if they are not related to weekly events, such as for example Gorgosauro some days ago.


Where I live, all I have seen is the Apatosaurus, Diplocaulus and Iguanadon. Very seldom do I see a new creature unless I travel about 28 miles or more.


I guess your theory is right!! Found an Ankylosaurus and Nodopatosaurus both same day yesterday.
Usually both are very rare for me. Guess it is because of this week’s event.

Cannot comment on Nodosaurus/Ankylocodon since they have been always common for me.


I’ve been noticing that as well. I’m not complaining, I want more of the DNA, looking forward to seeing what dino will be showcased next week. Hopefully it is one I’m looking for to evolve my current ones or one I’d like to create.