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Increases prices suddenly?

Honestly this post is more of a complaint/rant. Noticed everything for purchase in store went up by quite a bit and why? There isn’t any reason for the prices to go up si much. What use to be $100 for bucks is now $115. It’s not like we don’t purchase the big ones but makingnit wmthat much more expensive is some bs.

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Did you recently level up? Because I’m pretty sure store prices go up when you do, and I know, it’s really unfair. I might finally almost have enough to buy an epic incubator for example and then the price goes up

Very legit question. Why is that @Ludia_Developers, @E.D, anyone else? This increase is on every single option to purchase with real $$.

This game is losing players right and left. They need to sell items for more now, in order to keep up with their profits. My thoughts at least

Have you seen the price of a cheeseburger lately? A dev has got to eat. :grin:

I just looked and all the prices are still the same they’ve always been.

Where are you located? It could be changes in currency exchange rates causing problems.

I’ve been level 20 for 2 years and I’m seeing the price increases too.

I believe the prices went up for Android users, but not IOS. So you could install the game on an IOS system, and pay that way. Or you can just boycott them, until they equalize/lower the prices.
It stinks if you use the Google pay, that gives you small amount of reward points to incentivize you to buy things, to eventually use as a coupon. .

Recently the prices were raised, for android users. ( I am in the US and in California, so perhaps the prices are different somewhere else.)
I sent an email to customer support saying, hey the prices went up in comparison to IOS users.
I sent a picture of the price difference of 10%.
I was told by customer support the team was working on the issue and to force close my game to restart my game to fix things.
I did a restart, and the prices went from 10% higher to 15% higher.
I was like really? I had to laugh because you just told me to close my game so the prices would go up even higher on me.
Because of this, I have basically stopped buying stuff.
I do want to point out, that the largest customer base for this game is the United States and the majority are Android users, so you might want to not alienate the largest customer base to maybe choose other gaming options. I still don’t understand why you are constantly advertising to us other gaming platform as it is.

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I have brought up this issue with my amber club rep and he has told me it is in part due to
an issue with google play and the conversion rates. Each time I have mentioned it to him during working hours it has gotten changed shortly after. So I can assure you it is not being done intentionally.

All I can say is I won’t buy anything until it’s fixed (Android user in the U.S.)

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