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Increasing trade values at the trade harbor?


Hello everyone!

I’ve got a question regarding increasing trade values at the trade harbor. I’ve been building up my coin production for the last two weeks so that I can start trading it for other currencies etc.

Unfortunately though for both the given trades and the custom trades I’m getting very small trades like 5mil coins for 2mil food, or 6mil coins to buy this creature, and so on. I’ve read about people buying legendaries for 50mil coins meanwhile I’m still getting custom trades to buy rare creatures for 5mil coins. I’m hovering around the 90+ million coin range and doing everything I can just to burn them; buying decorations I’m not using, buying extra time on food production, etc. My coin production has dramatically increased but my trade values have stayed fairly stagnant.

Is there some threshold I need to pass in order to start receiving larger trades? Both given and custom trades. All help is appreciated!


Hello @Anarke, I’ve never tried trading dollars against dinos but from my experience with other constellations I can tell you that the odds for us are never too good.
Dollars against something never gives a good ratio. I always first buy a couple of the most expensive decoration and trade these against dinobucks.
For bucks the ratio is 2 to 3 times higher if you trade the decoration (Apatosaurus fossil) against bucks instead of dollars. You can try the same for dinos, maybe you can get better conditions.


This is my game plan.

  • Take up any offer that trades DNA/buildings/resources for Dbux and Loyalty Points
    • I do not trade loyalty points for Dbux or vise versa.
  • Any trade that trades resources for buildings, I take, unless I have like 40 or more of the building in the trade.
    • I then get trades periodically for other resources (such as Dbux, Loyalty Points) in exchange for those buildings.
  • I take the trades that trade food/coins/DNA for the +8 defense booster cards, as I then trade them for Dbux when I get my 3 free trades.
  • Anything I have leftover I trade for food/dna.
    • I NEVER trade anything for coins, since my park makes 30mil once everything is full of coins, and I can make about 50mil a day if I collect throughout the day.
  • I only trade dinos (Only legendary and below, no hybrids, no VIPs, and no tourneys) for Loyalty Points or Dbux, unless it’s for a dino I need/want
    • I have every base game dino at level 40 so I have no need for the cards I get for the base-game dinos.

Another feature that I was ignorant of was the trade refresh at the bottom. I now use all 3 refreshes to get more Dbux, Loyalty Points, and more potential trades. Some times I don’t make back the 150 Dbux I spent to refresh, but if I can get a couple hundred Loyalty Points or DNA, then it was worth it.

After all of that it’s up to RNG to give me good trades and deals. Just gotta check on the harbor throughout the day. (I believe each trade is available for 3 to 4 hours, so if you check in every 3 hours you’ll stay up to date with all the fresh trades.)