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Incredible luck with the prize wheel

As the only viable source of Sarco S-DNA (i’m rubbish at code 19s), i was already a fan of the MOD PvP, but yesterday i landed on a Spinoraptor and it was awesome, and today i landed on this bad boy:

1 per cent chance prize. I already own a level 20, but this really cool stuff


I just started playing the modded PvPs, based on everyone’s recommendations… still hate how annoyingly long they take but I definitely see the advantage with the prizes you get. Haven’t gotten anything like this yet (just one normal legendary), but gotten nice amounts of SDNA and DBs so far. And found them to be a lot easier than I expected. Mostly only done the Jurassic, but will start doing some aquatics too. I still find those harder with the limited classes and need to swap around a lot more but at least with the regular PvPs I pretty rarely lose now.

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What luck, that’s awesome!

Did my first mod pvp tonight and won. Only got 1 spin on the prize wheel. Never gave me the chance to watch a video for a 2nd just went to the pvp selection screen. Is that right?

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Yup that is the one downside of the MOD wheel is no option for a second spin.

But then, none of those crappy food and coin rewards so it’s a welcome tradeoff.

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Hey @Kiarash_Bahar, look what I just won! I actually haven’t even unlocked it yet.

Pretty surprising since I really have not been playing these modded ones very often, I just find them so tedious and annoying, and just not very fun, and since I use only my throwaway mods, more prone to the occasional loss. My goal was to try and earn the s-DNA for another diplo but have yet to get ANY so kind of getting frustrated with it. But get enough other good rewards to at least make my daily mission PvPs modded most of the time. I did notice that Ludia still hasn’t updated the prize wheel names, which still are labeled as “Boosted”.


Wow, congrats! Yeah, those fights take forever, but when you get something cool at the end of it, it feels so rewarding. I’m 50 Super DNA away from getting a fourth Diploduchus so i do these whenever i can hoping that i land on it.

Hey, You’re not alone. I’m Rubbish at code 19, but the luck thing… ALMOST GOT THE GRAND PRIZE FOR THE archelon tournament. IT JUST SLIPPED BY AND GAVE ME THE NEXT THING BESIDE IT. IS THAT REALLY BAD LUCK?

Let me guess, the next thing were 5000 coins?

That actually tends to happen a lot… remember that the wheel animation is just for show, where it lands is already pre-determined. So Ludia seems to like tweaking us by putting the top prize next to the one you’re going to actually land on.

I kinda wish the wheel animation and load screen could be skipped.