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I’m surprised no one has said anything about this yet


It has been noted


Is that true ? Wow ! Ludia should really look into these glitch. @Ned

Wow, why cant I get any of these so called glitches. Always the 99% never the 1% lol

This is not my photo but the player that showed me this is below Player level 10.

Thats crazy… my lvl 2 account doesnt even have offers for the boosts it has this instead.

Theres a 1.99 and 3.99 offer of less hardcash and the 1.99 one is a rare scent and 180 hc.

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Interesting :thinking:

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My low-level alt (too low to buy/use boosts) has this glitch. My main (lvl 20) does not. It appears to be a visual glitch only, though I’m not about to spend actual money on a lvl 6 account to find out. 200,000 attack boosts, can you imagine? :rofl:

Unfortunately it’s not merely just visual at all

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You know someone who got 200K boosts from it?

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I’d buy that

Same here. I’m curious how many boosts they actually get from buying that…

200000 attack boosts. O,o

Again this is not my account



OMG… here we go again… :woman_facepalming:t3:

I saw another picture of a Japanese region offer with 50k attack boosts in a bundle.

These seem legit… its one way to retain new customers.