Incubator 24h


This is what i got vs an AFK player. LMAO. How is this possible?


Pretty nice incubator


Ive got 3-4 of them already since I started in the beta they are awesome usually get one weekly


Just was able to create two new epic from my first one…


You should be happy then. I didn’t see any of these, and see only one 12h from the beggining of the game. And I’m lvl 9 so…


Lvl 7 and highest I got was a 12h one, twice…


Same here. Highest is 12 hr currently


Got one 24 hr, several 12s and numerous 8 & 3 hrs.

12 hrs are nice and helpful the others kind of IDk meh. Got a few EPIC DNA from the 24, but mega coin & cash instead.