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Incubator activation fail

Hmm incubator now working once the time gained watch videos on the previous incubator had passed.

Same here I watch at least 3 adds, now I have to wait 45 minutes to start a new incubator … Good, good, disgusting -_-

So I actually still encounter this problem occasionally.
Steps to reproduce:

  • Have an incubator running
  • Speed it up by watching a video or 2
  • Wait for it to be ready
  • Try to activate another one before opening the one that’s ready, nothing happens

Once you open the incubator that you sped up, you can activate another one.
If you don’t open it, you need to wait til the time it would originally have taken for the incubator to finish.
So in my case, I sped up a 3 hour incubator twice, so it was done 30 min sooner. I then need to wait 30 min to be able to activate another one. I need to test this again, but I think this is what happens. Somewhere, server side or wherever, there is another countdown that is not in sync with the time on screen.