Incubator costs going up


Every time I save enough cash to get the next incubator, the price goes up. Has anyone else noticed this?


Did you increase in level? I think it increases per level. I’ll keep note when I’m about to level.


Yes it goes up with level and each level you get some extra stuff mainly coins


proportionally increasing with level


If rewards don’t increase just like the cost does it will reach an end where no one will be able to continue.

Unless you spend extremely large amounts of real cash to advance.

Rewards should go up as well. Darts and coins as well as the cash rewards.


Rewards do go up! Thats exactly why it becomes more expensive; both bought and arena incubators yield more reward / level.

Also supply drop rewards (just gold, lol) and more DNA / level. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


I seem to be capped at 140 darts no matter what, kind of pointless for darts to increase if i cant go past that.

Gold still seems low as well, i could see it reaching a point where I won’t be able to upgrade my team cause it cost 50k + just to upgrade each one.

I just think the exponential increase is very low and needs an adjustment.