Incubator Count

Strike event incubators are not counted in the daily tasks? Today’s task was to open 6 incubators.

I had a 12 hour incubator running today. When the strike events showed up, and after winning all 3 which awarded me 4 incubators, I thought I would only need 2 more to complete the task. When I checked the list after opening the 12hr incubator it says 1/6. So, those strike event incubators doesn’t count. Really, Ludia?


Oh man, you’re not gonna get that huge reward.

Yeah…I’m so sad and depressed. That $2 meant so much to me. :sob::sob::sob:


I thought strikes should count when I had a 24h on the go. If it wasn’t for the shop freebie counting I wouldn’t have managed it.

Yeah…now I know that it doesn’t count. Those strike incubators aren’t incubators. Sigh.

Now it’s 8 incubators… need to stash them and open after the daily refresh.

The daily battle and 6 hrs incubators all count towards it.

Everyday the number goes up by 1. After 2 weeks it will be 24 incubs.

Good luck to all… :rofl:


Will the reward stay the same?

Probably add another dollar to it to make it $3