Incubator cycle in graphical form

Some people have trouble understanding or fully grasping the entire incubator cycle. Here is the 100 incubator long cycle, starting and ending with the 24 hour.


Thank you. Perfect visual explanation.

So like I think I understand what the graph is showing but could you plz maybe help me out for a second please?? So the 24hr marks on the graph does that represent midnight to midnight of the next day?? And when is that 12hr incubator supposed to pop up, around noon time or something?? Plz explain if you wouldn’t mind?? Please??

The arena incubator reward is a constant 100 incubators cycle.
All incubator type is guaranteed, no RNG. Not depending on time or how you’ve performed in battle.
Only according to how many times you win the battle.

For example, if you just get a 24hr incubator from an arena battle:

  1. The next one is certainly 3hr.
  2. And it will followed by 15min.
  3. After you win 5 more battles, you’ll get 8hr incubator.
  4. Then if you won your opponent for 25 times, there’s a 12hr incubator for you.
  5. Next 24hr incubator will come after you gain 100 winning.

Are these info clear enough?


Crystal totally perfect clear as rain! Thank you kindly! : )


nice chart thankyou. i also like to use this. unknown-2


Appreciate the time & effort you have spent in coming up with this graphical visual aid, thanks!

Yup, also good. Shows the mini-cycle clearly.

Here’s a chart I did in Excel. When I get an incubator I change the font colour to red so I can see clearly how far I have to go (it’s also a 24hr to 24hr chart).


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