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Incubator Cycling-is it worth it?


Is it worth it to spend the hard cash to cycle through your incubators faster? If you have lots of hard cash to spend, is this the best investment you can make with it? I am considering it, especially since I want to battle more during the tournament.


It just depends on your play style. Personally, I prefer to use hard cash on coins only. I have occasionally used it for scent/dart combo packs, like at Halloween.


That’s what I’ve done with all the cash I’ve had I’ve got loads of coin from it some usefully dna and because I’m stupidly superstitious I feel I win better if I’m opening incubators to open free slots I mean I’m sure it doesn’t work really but I still do it


it is not.

you soon wont.

as you progress in this game, coins will become the rarest commodity, and cash is the best way to get them en masse.

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Have you done it?


Like mentioned below, speeding up incubators might not be the best bang for the buck but depends on the following factors:

  • Able to gain Arena exclusive dino faster like Irritator, Stygi etc. Good way to level up those dino based hybrids.
  • Extra DNA source from the Incubators. Also, extra darts in case you need them urgently.

Based on the exchange rate you get for cash to coins, I had prepared a quick calculation many many months back and thought it is definitely beneficial to speed through 24 hr incubator and even 12 hr incubator (over buying them with cash).


It’s not worth it if you’re worried about coins because you’ll miss out on thousands of coins by using cash for incubators instead of just coins. But you get a ton of extra DNA quickly. I just see that as too much of a gamble because you never know what DNA you’ll get and i need my coins.


Save it for coins, save it for coins. :+1::+1::+1:


I have not done the math, but I thought someone posted here that cycling with cash is a cheaper than purchasing an Epic incubator in the store.


Yes, I think so. It’s the best deal available for incubators and will accelerate the cycle, so you’ll get your 24 hour (epic) incubabors faster. You get coins, darts and often very good, hard to get rare and/or epic DNA.

I would not recommend buying rare or epic incubators in the store - way overpriced, no guarantee what you’ll get (neither with the battle ones, I know, but at least they don’t cost much).

I wonder if it doesn’t help turn RNG in your favor so you’ll win and have to speed up yet another incubator :wink: Definitely just kidding!!!


I forget the total cost for sure but its something like 920 hard cash to cycle way cheaper then buy an incubator…