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Incubator False Advertising

When you look at this picture, what does it tell you? Aside from the fact that incubators are a toss-up in what to expect you’ll receive, this pictures paints a pretty clear idea: Buy an Incubator, as you can expect to receive Irritator DNA to come from it. Now THAT does carry an enticing appeal. I even considered almost buying one! Until an alliance mate tipped me off that there were 5 reports of folks in our alliance purchasing one. Can you guess how many of them DIDN’T get Irritator? All of them. As you can imagine, they’re all now seeking reimbursement for this FALSE ADVERTISING. Ludia, you do not advertise a Dino with an incubator giving the expectation of said advertised dino will be rewarded in said incubator and not deliver. That’s criminal. You should be ashamed for trying con your playerbase like this. I would advise you go back and reasses what you’re advertising to your customers before cheating them their faith in their purchase from you.


Hell, I haven’t even gotten any irritator from any of the towers. Frankly I’m surprised your alliance doesn’t know better by now.


I was pretty disappointed to complete the 7-tier Strike tower and all I got was Kaprosuchus to show for it


they definitley do have an interesting monetization “expert”. 10k cash for a couple pyrritator fuses :sweat_smile:

imagine how many of these they’d sell if people were reporting getting irritator in everyone one :money_mouth_face:

i’d guess most people arent getting trex either even though it’s head is actually on the incubator.


Yep no irritator but SOMEHOW dimetrodon gen 2 counts and irritator was in the towers. Where was kapro? I think they don’t give it to us because magna got a buff.

Did anyone get irri from the fierce creatures towers this week? I was asking my alliance this same question last night, not wanting to get my hopes up as I was working on the 7 fight event tower at the time. Still haven’t heard anyone say they got lucky enough to get any. There are 3 other possibilities for rare DNA in those incubators, so I guess it could be coincidence :wink: Correct me if I’m wrong, but incs with that theme did once contain a chance for irri, no?

makes sense… 10k for a big fat 10 fuse…

im interested in the trex!! @Marktheshark did they get any trex?

As OP said, I created a False Advertisement thread long time ago (last year) and they (Ludia) still making many players falling victim of this wrong indication from the picture.

Hard to understand the logic. Besides the blatant false advertising, they are just making more and more of the game pointless.

A few weeks ago, they have a green drop event with 2 attempts at pyrritator giving huge returns for 2 minutes of effort. An entire weeks worth of strike events would give you what, like 10% of that if irritator was in the pool with even odds?

I knew better, but I’m so desperate for irritator that I did it. I am so disappointed. Dimetrodon, Gorg, Trex2, Secondontaurus, and Bary. Complete crap for 10,000.

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That’s why I don’t go to the casino’s… they say I have a chance to win $50,000 but I never do…

Misdirected advertising is more like it… they show a picture of what you could potentially receive… at the bottom of the picture it just states “Find high damage powerhouses in the fierce creatures incubator!”

Never once does it state what they consider to be high damage powerhouses nor does it state that you are guaranteed to get certain dino’s…

The picture is designed more for impulse buyers thinking they will get what they want…

I do agree that it is misleading… but it isn’t false advertising… companies have been doing this kind of marketing for decades…

I haven’t received Irritator dna from any incubator in a long time. I would get it pretty regular but only 33 dna at a time but that was ok. Now nothing. Dropping 10k on that is never going to happen. The only time I do is when it’s a sure thing for cash and coin and is also on sale. Because I know the dna coming from them is junk anyways.

This topic comes up every so often. The pictures shown give you an idea of what may come out of an incubator you buy. It does not represent exactly what you will get.

This… ill never understand why they shoot themselves in the foot so much. They rip off enough from Clash Royale… You would think theyd pick up on those guranteed x amount with a chance to recieve more chests. Supercell loves to sell.

Like this is a premium incubator like its an 80 dollar purchase… I just bought Destiny 2 forsaken and the season pass for it for 70 bucks and people complain constantly about the buy in price for that. And you got people on here paying 80 dollars for an incubator that equals like 30 seconds of “gameplay” and no gurantee of an actual benefit.

I wonder how many more of these they would have sold if they guranteed 500 irritator with a chance to get more. 500 is a bit low for the price… but more inline with Ludia economics.

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I got some out of the initial rare available on Monday, but it was one of those times when you get just a few of the good DNA and most of total is something worthless. The equivalent of 5 T Rex and 392 Seco from an epic.

I also can’t remember if that was themed or just a regular rare.

This has been their strategy from day one. I’m surprised anyone still thinks they’ll get what’s pictured with an incubator.

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Bless you. That’s awful :frowning: :frowning:

I guess this puts pay to the theory that people with L30 Magnas have supposedly paid £££ for Irri… how may of this sort of thing would you have to buy to even stand a chance?

We all know better as you said… but the need for irri and t-Rex… makes us take a chance…

This game is run as a gamble, that’s where they get you on the fusing chance… and on this - the incubators… they know the gambling psychology to make £££

Oh that incubator didn’t give you what you want? Then the next one surely must!

And if it does you get a big high, a big buzz…

Please let’s just all avoid these “special incubators” which have no guarantees and stop them exploiting us.


I don’t know how anyone is supposed to get irritator DNA is it doesn’t spawn and doesn’t come in any incubator. Why is it even a dinosaur in the game other than to give players false hope.

it’s a carnival game. stop at one booth, throw a baseball at a pyramid of bowling pins with the one at the bottom weighing 400 pounds. stop at another and shoot a basketball at an undersized oval rim. stop at the next and play JWA :man_shrugging:

unless it says GUARANTEED, whatever you want, probably isn’t in there


Whats funny is whatever I want could be many different things and change many different times and even though the dna Im hoping for is always changing the fact that Im constantly disappointed by whats in my incubators does not. Even if i have low expectations.