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Incubator False Advertising

He’s bought enough incubators. he defintiely knows this by now. I dont understand why all of a sudden this is a problem. They’ve done this plenty of times lol

Premium incubators are never a good buy.
$75 equivalent USD.
No guarantee of specific creatures.

Hard pass

Not that much. Its 66$

Whatever, still too much


Problem with that is everybody that did bout said Incubator got 0 Irritator, that being from multiple sources. “May” for an incubator that’s explicitly advertising the Irritator doesn’t mean anything

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I said they were false advertising, along with others, some months ago and was essentially called stupid by a self proclaimed advertising guy. Their justification was it only shows a picture of the specific creature, but the description says otherwise “fierce creatures”.

If not false advertising, definitely slimy, misleading advertising.

I call it false advertising.

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Thanks for sharing this, I just needed confirmation that it was still a possibility.

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I lucked out and got 600 irritator from the raptor tower today. Epic dna was pure crap though. Spinoraptor and maiasaur.

i got irritator dna from the default rare incubATOR