Incubator free speed up


For the past few days mine free incubator speed up is not working, normally if the incubator is under 15 mins, it will ask if I want to watch an ad to speed up the 15 mins.

But this is not happening any more, I had tried force close the app but still the same.

Just asking if this benefit is no longer available? Or there is something I can do to have it back?


It’s available with me… Contact Ludia support, they can probably help…


It works for me.


Hey night, the video speed-up is usually not available when you first activate a 15 min Incubator, you’ll need to wait for the timer to tick down a bit before the option appears. However, if the option doesn’t appear at all for you, email our support team at with your support key, and they’ll be happy to take a closer look at your account.


Try to open the incubator page where it says the cash amount to open it. While that page is open try and force close and reopen the app


Do you use any ad blocking software that might interfere?