Incubator gift from ludia


Check your mail for a gift


Wow, 1k dilophosaurus gen 2 and 1k dracorex gen 2… thanks Ludia. Anyone else fair better?


Nice, tnx Ludia man… give us more, everyday, people love gifts, dna and dinos (just kidding, or?)… :wink: I got Charlie, velociraptor,… very cool, a nice surprise… :smiley:


I’m just waiting for the people to arrive to say it’s not good enough and they want more.


I’m honestly super happy with the gold, lol!


Thx Ludia for a incubator​:star_struck::star_struck:


Got about 600 rare DNA woth


Triceratops Gen2 DNA & T-Rex Gen2 DNA ! Thanks Ludia !


Thanks Ludia, I love my incubator!


Awsome gift!!! I got nearly 500 Kaprosuchus DNA and around 3-4k coins :smiley:
I was aiming for the Gorgosuchus and now i got it on lvl 12. Ill give it a nice spot in my battle team <3
Thank you!


Finally got my monolofo thanks to the we’re sorry incub! Thanks and keep em coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Aw man, lucky! I need 10 more dna for my Gorgosuchas!


I got a ton of Triceratops DNA, UTAHRAPTOR DNA and EINIOSAURS DNA to level up my ENIASAUCHUS.


Thanks Ludia y’all made me like u…i got to level up my delta


I’ll admit I was surprised. Free stuff is free stuff, so I’m not going to complain.

Didn’t have a single strand of Megalosuchus so now sitting with a level 7 means one less dino to fill in the collection. The rest hit me up with 2 to 3 more levels on several of my more favourite commons that I couldn’t justify having on main team due to power disparity so now I CAN switch to them!


Best were these 3100 coins.
Gen 2 DNA is senseless. :imp:


I still want my 9.99$ worth of bucks that I didn’t get yesterday.


Thanks for the Incubator!


So glad you’re back with incub gift… Thank you!