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Incubator gone

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Bug Description: I filled the incubator slots and activated one before sleeping every night. After getting up, one incubator (the rightmost one) was gone.

Area is was found in: battle with incubator slots

How do you reproduce the bug:
Make sure I filled the slots in the evening and then checked in the coming morning

How often does it happen:
Not sure, but twice this week

What type of device are you using: iphone8

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) the screenshot in this morning is attached.

I’m sorry to hear that happened, @Minos. If you remember the date and time of when you received those Incubators in battle, our team can take a closer look if you reach out to them here at Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well. Thanks!

@Ned What’s the difference between writing e-mail to you what you mentioned and support in the game setting?

Both of the messages would go to our support team. However, if you were not able to access the in-game support, our team can also be reached through that email address.

If you had already contacted our team through the in-game support, you wouldn’t need to send another email.

I hope that helps!