Incubator Grinding / Farming - How?

I’ve seen a lot of talk of farming incubators / incubator grinding on the forum lately.

From my understanding,it has something to do with high level players dropping PVP arenas on purpose, so they can gain more boosts.

I don’t understand the mechanics of it.
Can anyone tell me how that system works?

put in a low level (like really low level) team. loose as many battles as the game will allow you to before it give you AI/ teams that you can’t loose to. Then put in your A team and win battle after battle, climbing back up. Speed up incubators with cash to keep slots open for more. Do so until you have trouble wining matches again, or you got back to where you were. Repeat.

It’s cheaper by a small margin to speed up incubators to gain boosts. I think after 4k trophies the amount of boosts per incubator stays the same so i don’t see many people dropping below that for farming.

Thanks for the response - much clearer now!

Losing on purpose so you can progress slightly faster sounds like a dull way to play the game to me, but hey, what do I know? I’ve been stuck in the Library for eons.

To my mind, a simple solution to prevent people from ‘dropping / farming’ would be to increase the HC price of incubators.
There’s probably a downside to this that I’m not seeing tough…

When I’m in grind mode, I stay around 5700-5900 and just battle till inc slots are full, watch all ads are done, and I have an 8H+ for bed time. When I needed boosts, I would open incs with cash when I had time to battle. Once I have all incs maxed and all adds watched, I’ll throw matches till I’m back down to 5700ish so I’m ready for the next cycle.
It may sound dull, but nothing is as dull as the 2 min timer.
There is no real reason to go for trophy score till the last week.
A month is really too long for a tourney (Just like a weekend is kinda silly)

I do farm them but don’t drop to do it - I never battle without an incubator slot open so often need to speed them up; mainly 3 hour - but sometimes the bigger ones - I always leave an 8+ for overnight.

I dont understand how it is better than buying boost with cash. 3 hour incubator gives you 2 boost for 30 cash , it is okay. But 8 hour inbubator gives 3 boost, costs 80 cash. So not worth it. Speeding 3 hours inbubator leaves you with only 8 hours?

Someone did the maths - its in a thread somewhere - it was less bucks to get the boosts via incubators than buying them - downside you don’t get to chose what you get - upside coins and dna as well

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Don’t open every 8 hr inc for 80 cash. Run the timer on those ones and open the others with cash. I only spend cash on the 8hr+ if I feel like really rushing thru incs.