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Incubator issue


I have spent about 2 weeks levelling up in another game to earn the bucks to buy an incubator in JWalive. Finally decided to buy this weeks showcase, hit the button and I get the purple ring which means the game is getting connection issues. It then comes up with an error message.

So I close app and re-log and poof, those bucks have gone but I did not receive my incubator. Two weeks effort for nothing.

I just want to add, my internet connection is fine and all other apps run without issues.

In some ways I’m glad I didn’t pay real money for those bucks but still, there has to be a fail safe for returning buck. Especially since a lot of people do spend real money on them.


Hey anonshi, I’m sorry to hear that happened, contact our support team, and they might be able to see if the Incubator was purchased and if the contents were credited to your account or not. Email them at support+forums@ludia with your support key included in the email.