Incubator Number Glitch

Had two battles glitch out during the middle of combat. Assuming I was going to win one of them
Now one of my incubator slots is “empty” but every time I win a game, it says I have no slots available.
Is there a way to fix this glitch? I’d really rather not lose the ability to have four incubators stocked up

Restart. It will probably display correctly when you do.

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I think this is corrupted game data on your device.

If you have an Android device, first close the game. Then, you simply press and hold the icon to get the sub-menu to pop up, and then select App Data, and Clear Data. This will clear all game data and the cache. When you restart the game, it will re-load all your game data from the server and the two should sink back up.

If you have an Apple device, there is no way to clear the game’s cache or app data. You’ll need to uninstall the game and then re-install it.

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