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Incubator overlayed by Carnotaurus Boss

Hi everyone!

As the title says, today’s epic incubator is overlayed by the Carnotaurus boss. The same thing already happened last week, I just can’t click it, and I tried a lot (!) of times and different positions :frowning:

I’m sorry your Strike tower is being blocked by the Raid boss, Lisa. The hit boxes of the bosses are being looked into by our team.

Find another one, if you can. Its same issue as with Megalo and Grypo. They fixed only thing that solved the issue. If you darted one creature near boss, boss sometimes disappeared for some time. They fixed it with 2.5 update.

I still think it is better if they remove the over-sized creatures and use a similar-strike tower structure. From that raid strike tower you then have the option of selecting which raid of the day you want to do.

This makes it more convenient for players, and stops over-sized creatures causing issues on the map.


I had the same thing this morning with a Stygidaryx incubator that showed as a Carnotaurus incubator (which I had done five minutes earlier). Beat the Stygidayx but got the display of Carno but the screen wouldn’t move on so I rebooted but I don’t think I got the rewards as I never saw a “what you have missed” screen.

Do other people get this when the carno boss blocks the strike tower without being on it Screenshot_20210427-124043_JW Alive
I’m clicking on the strike tower but its keep going to the carno.

Every time a boss is near a strike tower it makes it unplayable. How about fixing this since you are so darn concerned about COVID and the players. When I only see one strike tower within miles and a boss is near it the tower might as well not be there. Even when the boss walks away from the tower it still tries and open a lobby.

A precision, this problem exists with Android but not with iPadOS