Incubator prices going up after purchase?


so i just made a big mistake and used some of the cash i earned from the final fantasy xv offer on the hybrid incubator (first incubator i have bought, total gamble, instant regret, have now spent 1500 on the 50% coin bonus offer) and i noticed that the incubator cost has now gone up on all of them across the board…if they wanted to sell more incubators…wouldnt you think they would…oh i dont know…maybe offer a DISCOUNT? like…hey…thanks for shelling out 3000 FREAKING CASH FOR A PIECE OF CRAP INCUBATOR THAT ONLY GOT YOU 2000 SUCHOMIMUS DNA, 2000 IRRITATOR GEN 2 DNA, 250 RAPTOR DNA, 200 ERLIKASAURUS (thats actually pretty sweet, leveled twice :smiley: ) AND 50 OF SOME OTHER CRAP DNA…NOW WE ARE GONNA CHARGE YOU MORE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAH… /end rant and lesson learned…bottom line, dont buy this incubator, its crap, buy coins…

also…should they be going up? is this by design? why would they be going up? to discourage whales? why not keep same price across the board? this doesnt make sense!!!

second also…i posted this same thing on the main ludia forum and not under this and i cant figure out how to delete…so sorry ludia for double posting but i cant just like…edit it and remove everything…not my fault…well kinda is…but make things more user friendly huh??



I believe they increase cost per level obtained. Perhaps you leveled up from creating/leveling those dinosaurs you unlocked? The cost increases with each level, but so does the amount of DNA in each incubator.


hmmm…you might make sense…i did recently go from 8-9 when i leveled my Erlik so…yeah that might have been it…again, punishment for something that they shouldnt but ya know…when you have an Incubator and you need DNA NOWWWW call LU DIA…JURASSIC WORLD ALIIIVVVEEEE!!! (get THAT outta yer head…)