Incubator prices ramping up


Just got to level 9 last night and the first thing I noticed was a raise in the price of incubators. An epic level 8 incubator was 3000 Cash. Now it’s 3170. Anyone able to confirm, and better yet, explain this nonsense. I feel like the more I play the more I’m being punished.


Yes I can confirm they go up each level, but I think the contents increases as well so you’re not getting less for your money.

However, I won’t spend the amount they cost as I think it’s too much in one go for a mobile game which could shut down at any time so basically I think they’re losing money by having such highly priced items in the market all the time - they need some cheaper things to buy.

Compare the contents of your level 9 incubator to my level 10 one and see if the amount of DNA increases:


Thanks for this. At least I now know what to expect. I agree with your view of the high prices, so to watch them climb per level to me seems like bad form.


Ya… this is why I want to stay f2p but dino dna so hard to get, I wish we have more chances or event