Incubator rewards

So, maybe I’m just salty and if so just let me know… but this feels like it shouldn’t be a thing a quite frankly made me cancel my VIP. It’s my 3rd incubator like this… and it just feels like the game is becoming more cash grabby each day… my last 3 epic incubators have been like this and I finally snagged a pic.

First time it was:
Alanqa 10
Pteranodon 300+
Sinoceratops 11
Koolasuchus 300+
Today as follows.

If I’m over reacting feel free to tell me so.image|281x499

Yeah the struggle is real. I opened a 24 hour incubator to today for nothing useful. 300 something gryposuchus and like 30 pyroraptor

I’m not asking for all good stuff, but 50 - 50 would be acceptable
Especially on these event ones

Also I guess I did the mono event too so not my last 3… but my 24 hour I opened yesterday and my event one today we’re back to back

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Ironically, I would have gladly taken the Postimetrodon dna because I can’t find it anywhere while I have like 4K Baryonyx dna from incubators and finding them every night.

That said, I agree epic incubators in general are terrible. Sometimes it feels like the game knows what you need and then intentionally not give them to you


Don’t see a problem here. You were guaranteed 384 Epic DNA and Postimetrodon filled 378 of it. Bary got the rest.

I’ll swap for you bary dna please

I wasn’t claiming to be missing dna, if that’s how I came off I apologize for being unclear.

As another pointed out, incubator rewards seem to intentionally provide the dna a player needs least. My concern here is how poor the reward ratios are structured… nvm the 4600 dino bucks to buy a shop incubator… with these odds I never will, so I’m just not going to support the game at all financially anymore. I’m sure it’s a drop in the ol’ bucket but that’s what I can do

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I’ve had better luck with 8 hour incubators lately than 24 hour arena epics:
I’ve gotten like 80 of Barry, 40+ of sino and a few more I can’t remember rn from 8 hours.

My 24 epic arena incubators have been almost exclusively trash.

The epic strike event incubators have been pretty balanced out.

The arena epics tho… those are the biggest let down by far.


Perception as well, I suppose. I would really like the Postimetrodon since it requires Dimetrodon which I am saving for Magnapyritor

I agree incubator rewards seem based off algorithms and not actual randomness. Far to often I end up getting dna I already had a large quanity of…I wont waste my money on incubators and its fitting that in another thread theres multiple top 20 players stating they wont waste their money on them either.

Ive played alot of games… ccgs… clash royale and many clones… i know what random looks like… this game doesnt do real random. I feel like every once and a while it throws you a bone. But when you recieve so much irritator gen 2 and stygi gen 2… when i have recieved raja in 8 of my last 10, 8 hour incubators. I dont feel their random at all.

These things I can not understand. Baryonix is ​​supposed to be a Global Epic so it should appear equally in all areas, although it seems that with some more possibility that it appears in hospitals … but he appears to you every day and to me, he does not never appears I play many hours a day (and night) since June and I think I have seen 2 Baryonix in these more than 120 days. From level 15 I have obtained more than 4000 Postimetrodón and, however, from level 15 I have only obtained 606 DNA of Baryonyx, and of them 200 in the incubator of yesterday. I have not evolved my Postimetrodon for a long time from 19 to 21, being a dinosaur of my team and having enough DNA to wait for the Tryostronix waiting for something to change with Baryonix … but it does not change. Now thanks to the incubator I could get it and, hopefully, evolve it to 17 but when will I see a Baryionyx again? In Christmas? My only hope is that, being so “monstrous” Baryionix and Tryostinox, they can appear for Halloween.

Anyway, it is difficult for them to change when my rate of finding Epic (I have statistics in excel) is an Epic every 3 or 4 hours of walking. This week from Monday to Thursday, 15 hours of active search plus many hours of passive search (home, work, restaurants, …) to find 4 Epic.

Barry, sino, alanqa, posti - all DNA I would be very happy to get in any quantity - useless DNA depends on your perspective

I keep hearing this perspective argument. I’m sure there’s someone out there that likes koolasuchus too … so if they did a nullifying strike event and got (5 mono dna)(378 koolasuchus dna), from their perspective it’s great. A large portion of the gaming community for JWA would disagree. I’m specifically targeting the vast spread between droppable dna in an incubator. I should not be getting 99% one creature and 1% the other from an incubator. It’s a major put-off and irrelevant what the dna is

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