Incubator RIP off techniques... **NOT COOL**


Why do the prices keep going up? One minute it was 2200 next 3000??? That’s not very ethical…

Also my level 8 incubator said x4448 plus Rare DNA & Epic DNA but only Common Dinosaurs were in the incubator???

That’s not cool either


Yeah… as you level up the prices goes up… its quite the perfect rip off indeed :frowning: and most people will keep paying because its the quickest way to get more dinos :confused:


it’s like clash royale. as your level goes up, the price of the incubators go up, but you also get more DNA out of them.


The “free cash” thing is a one way trip to getting TONS of unwanted robocalls. I had to block over 10 numbers and thrash a telemarketer until she relented and removed me from her computer.

Just so you know. Don’t go for the free samples option (or any of the others, really) - you’re just giving these jerks an excuse to blow up your phone nonstop.


The good old carrot on a stick. By the time you win enough cash you’ve leveled up and pushed it out of reach. First warning sign, shady microbuys.