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Incubator Sale


When you advertise an existing product as a special one. Same price. Same features. Different coat of paint.

It looks like Ludia went to the Kmart school of advertising.


Lol mine is for 100+ dollars such a rip off


Your offer seems better value! I should de level ROFL!


The ops deal has none of the extra coins and hard cash yours does though… granted its still not worth the money but your offer is like mine… your paying for the 8k hard cash and getting 535k coins and incubator for roughly the same price as the hard cash.

The ops deal is straight up for just the premium inc.

Also just to be clear this incubator only has the lunar dinos in it… so your gonna get erlik, darwin or sino for your epics… as far as ludia goes incs dont get much better then this.


Yeah I’m confused why your Lunar deal doesn’t have the 8888 in game cash, 535k coins, etc with it. What made it such a good deal for most of us is that you’re paying $70 for the almost 9k cash (which is what almost 9k cash would cost alone) but then you also get $70 worth of coins and the premium incubator. So you get $210 worth of stuff for $70. I’m so confused now. Why doesn’t yours have the cash or hundreds of thousands of coins???


Also why are you allowed to purchase it with in game cash? I haven’t seen anyone else able to do so.


Huh. My offer is slightly worse (a LITTLE less DNA and coins) because I’m a lower level but WAY cheaper??

I’m using the English version but in Japan. Do they charge that much difference depending on Region?


Ohhhh I see. There is an option to buy the incubator with in game cash but obviously you don’t get cash or nearly as much coins. That’s a terrible deal. The $70 real money deal is great.


I don’t see how your deal is worse. You’re a higher level, it’s more DNA. And you’re Posting the real money deal so you get the cash and tons of coins. You get $210 worth of stuff for $70.


I think you misunderstood. I meant mine was way better I felt like. I only sacrifice a couple hundred DNA and coins for $40 less. It’s a steal. I wondered why the price was so vastly different for only a minor bump in goods.


I’m fairly sure the screenshots are all in different currencies. If I’m not mistaken @Beast 's is in AUD, not USD.


Yeah aud on my screen, the variation in what comes in it comes from your player level. I could buy an Xbox 360 with 2 controllers and a game for that price. Meanwhile this DNA is barely enough to lvl a unique 1 lvl, cash is just coins really or chance at getting half decent dna what a joke

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