Incubators, 8h 12h 24h


Now had 8, 8h incubator sequences, without having a 12 or 24h…

Anyone else had this before?

I know the pattern is every 5th cycle instead of an 8 you get laa 12 or 24…


Every fourth “12 or 24” is still an 8h.


Go away mate…


I think he loves you


Love finds a way.

Love found the way.


Nice reply to getting the correct answer to your question. Cool that raging fire of yours toward me, will you?


Your answer is not correct… it’s barely an answer…

From the start of the cycle it goes

3h,15m,3h,3h,12h or 24h

Always has been


Last line should be:
3h,15m,3h,3h,8h or 12h or 24h

Always has been.

Just because I outed you as a liar in another thread, doesn’t mean I can’t genuinely help you on another topic.

But of course you’re free to wait for others to tell you the same thing.


No, it’s not… on the 5th cycle it’s always been 12h or 24h.
I’ve marked it like clockwork EVERY time for the last 8 weeks…

Outed me as a liar hahahahah… you’re an (insert insult here)
Just because something doesn’t happen to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to me…

Listen lad, grow up and go and pester someone else, can’t be dealing with your idiocy


Yeah, if it happens to you like you’re saying it does, you would be happy to take my 100 bucks in a bet that I offered =)

I guess Ludia must be cheatin’ you out of your 12h and 24h incubators xD My psychic powers, however, tell me you’ll get a 12h incubator after exactly 9 cycles with 8h incubators.


The first cycle is double The amounts of 8 mate


Carl why are you so popular :joy:


Yep, you guys sure are.


What do you mean mate… ive calculated it every cycle for weeks


Hmmm you guys? First of all I’m a female… I would prove it to you but yknow first times are supposed to be special. And secondly until now I was merely an innocent bystander so don’t drag me into your little lovers tiff.


Eh? I wasn’t even replying to you. But your jumping at me proves the OPs last point I guess.

Good luck on that first time!


Oh sorry I forgot the plural of guy was meant for only one person… silly me


That’s my girl :joy::joy::joy:gwed


P.s I have a three year old so unless I’m the next mother of Christ :innocent:


Just read up on metahub mate… I get what you mean now… must just be so long cos I’ve never sped them up that I’m back in the longer cycle… grrr