Incubators and creatures escaping

  1. Battle incubators aren’t giving any DNA of the arena dinosaurs - not even a random selection of the featured arena dinosaurs. Please also fix that epic Stygimoloch bug. Every large incubator gives a guaranteed epic stygi when its supposed to give a guranteed exclusive of that arena. Fix this damn bug already.

  2. Please remove the ability of creatures to escape. It just doesn’t make sense for me to walk up close to the creature to have a longer drone battery time but have the damn creature escape at 1/3 battery life (I am a VIP by the way).


Regarding your first point: This is not a bug. Stygimoloch is one of the few creatures that are incubator-exclusive and cannot be found in the wild. Unless Ludia enables players to dart Stygimoloch in the wild, this is the only opportunity to get Stygimoloch DNA for free–without buying special incubators or spending real money. It’s the same with Blue the Velociraptor–without the showcase events or special incubators, we wouldn’t even be able to create her, let alone level her up.

Additionally, each arena that you unlock provides an added chance to receive that arena’s featured creatures, but the DNA you receive is not specific to one arena. Instead, you receive DNA from all the arenas that you’ve unlocked, up to and including your current tier. Prior to update 1.3, other players proved that you don’t have to drop down to the lower arena tiers to harvest T-Rex DNA or whatever it is you’re looking for–you could still get it, albeit not very frequently, from the higher tiers. It just requires patience.

So while I understand your frustration, the 8-hour incubators are functioning exactly as they should be–providing guaranteed Stygimoloch DNA and additional Epic DNA from one other creature. If Ludia chooses to allow players to dart Stygimoloch in the wild, then yes, perhaps then it will be time to change the guaranteed Epic creature. Until then, however, I think Ludia’s doing players a real favor here.


Can people stop complaining about the stygi DNA? :joy::joy::joy: IT IS VERY USEFUL, MY FRIENDS!!! Dont take it for granted lol


Right. Like two of these threads pop up everyday and it gets really annoying.


Its not all about the stygi. Its about not delivering what was promised in the patch notes, which is guranteed exclusive arena dinosaur, not guaranteed stygi.


Actually they said guaranteed arena EXCLUSIVE dinosaur. Check your facts.


I reproduce the notes in full below. You either fail at fact checking or fail at comprehension.

Arena Battle Rewards
Exclusive creatures are unchanged. However, battle creature allocation has been updated per arena.

  1. Fallen Kingdom : Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Amargasaurus, Ankylosaurus
  2. Mt. Sibo : Ophiacodon, Utahraptor, Koolasuchus Gen 2, Secodontosaurus
  3. S.S. Arcadia : Ankylosaurus Gen 2, Dimetrodon, Delta, Kentrosaurus
  4. Nublar Jungle : Triceratops Gen 2, Triceratops , Charlie, Rajasaurus
  5. Badlands : Parasaurolophus, Postosuchus, Echo, Monolophosaurus
  6. Lockdown : Tanycolagreus, Megalosaurus, Pyroraptor
  7. Sorna Marshes : Allosaurus, Giraffatitan, Tyrannosaurus rex
  8. Jurassic Ruins [NEW] : Euoplocephalus, Tuojiangosaurus, Sinoceratops, Baryonyx

Note : Battle incubators now award Exclusive Creatures without replacing the regular incubator reward slots: this means a steadier income of Exclusive Creature DNA!

  • Small Incubator (15min) focus on Rare Exclusives
  • Standard incubator (3h) focus on Common Exclusives (starting at Arena 2)
  • Large incubator (8h) focus on Epic Exclusives (Starting at Arena 3)


Battle incubators now award Exclusive Creatures

Wow you even posted your own answer.

Sorry I couldn’t find a face palm emoji to go with this.


The posted notes from @Batagandiao don’t say anything about Guaranteed DNA.

My understanding of Exclusive Creatures means that they only are available in that Arena… thus the term Exclusive… my expectation was that if I’m in Sorna Marshes, and the Exclusive Dinosaur is Baryonyx Gen 2, that I would have a shot at that DNA from Incubators only from that Arena.

It makes sense that you should also get DNA from previous arena’s when you think about having already earned access to them, but that assumption negates the term Arena Exclusive Dinosaur. I think they are using the wrong terminology when describing their dinosaurs… there is a difference between Unlocking a Dino from Arena X forward and a Dinosaur Exclusive to Arena X. Thus everyone’s confusion.

Ludia needs to work on Saying what they Mean, and Meaning what they Say.


Arena exclusive means exclusive to the battle arena not exclusive to say arena Sorna Marshes. Like you said it would be incredibly stupid to only get DNA from a single arena because then you would have people who just started playing against people with level 20+ dinosaurs because the want DNA specific to that arena.

Although I do agree that Ludia could be clearer on a lot of things.


Thanks both for the discussion. I take the point that one will have access to all previously unlocked arena’s dinosaur. I will leave Ludia to clarify exactly what they mean on the exclusives then.


The map area for darting a dino is most likely limited so the game doesn’t have to take the time download map data from the surrounding area. Getting direct hits on a dino will usually change its direction. So aim better and it will be less likely to run off the map.


Go into game and click the arena symbol in the middle of your screen in the battle tab. Look at all the dinosaurs that say Arena Exclusive. Write them all down and then check against the list you posted. Notice not a single one of them is on it? It’s because they are exclusive dinosaurs and Ludia stated that the exclusive dinosaurs remain unchanged. So therefore no reason to write them down.


Stiggy dna is worth it’s weight in gold to me since I have fused paramoloch 19 times and have 190 DNA :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Haha that sucks. But hey I have only gotten enough Stygi DNA to do a single fuse so far so you are plenty ahead of me.


Agreed. People complaining about this don’t realize how long it takes to get Stiggy. :slight_smile:


I was planning to lose a few to get back to lockdown so i could get Pyroraptor dna myself…but ive been having a hard time trying to force myself to lose…lol


It won’t work anyway. I’m in arena 8 and have been getting so much pyroraptor DNA that my pyroraptor is level 15 but I have about 4000 DNA stockpiled on him. Can’t get the stupid irritator DNA dangit!


Switch to low lvl dinos start a battle then close the game. No need to put yourself through the stress of fighting to lose.


Thats something i hadnt thought of… hey wish i could get Pyroraptor dna, they keep giving me everything but that and Trex dna. Oooo and i never see Kentrosaurus dna either, glad i can dart some to finally get it unlocked this weekend