Incubators are way to expensive


Incubators are way to expensive.
At the moment you pay for:
Rare: 5€
Epic: 20€
Premium: 40€

What is way to expensive for 1 Incubator.
Specifically with the free cash down.

This should been over seen. At least in europa it’s very expensive.

You need to pay 5,54€ for 500 cash.
I would have purchased until i saw it wasn’t worth it since you can only purchase 1 Rare Incubator for it you don’t even have left overs for 120 darts.

You don’t need to change prices but at least make us able to earn cash by watching advertisements of 30 seconds.

Example every hour you can watch 10 advertisements.
Each advertisement gives 1 cash.

I think that’s a fair deal. But for now only the rich people can afford to purchase cash in-game.

Just like the vip that haven’t really something much to offer for paying a month 9,99 euros.
See my vip suggestion here.

I really hope this kind of stuff also changes in-game.
Then it’s only for rich people.


Certainly this game is too centered on paying, and it is quite expensive.

Being such a PayToWin I don’t think that I will keep on playing for too long, when some game offers little payments to get a little extra after several days playing and enjoying it I might agree and give that money to the creators, but the obsession with huge payments in JWA is way too high.


Indeed, am myself a small developer, i understand they need money, but this is to expensive.


I occasionally buy the one off offers. However, would never buy them full price. It is pretty extortionate. Especially as I rarely ever get anything interesting.


The best thing I find is to buy cash then just grind in battles without caring about your rank. Battle incubators are the best source of dna I’ve found, because they’re free. Even hunting costs darts.


Its easy: you close your wallet and dont buy incubators. :unamused:

Thanks god its this expensive so people think twice before going p2w. What that means is people buy stuff in-game to become better. I don’t see a whole lot of people buy a trillion of 40€ incubators and it better stay that way. You may be asking, but why?
Simple: look at the top 100 its ridiculous. If we give y’all cheaper incubators the new top 100 will be the top 500. Thats what i call pay to win. You dont play the game; you buy the content. So tyvm it is being locked behind a 40€ paywall. At least people who actually play the game get a chance to get in the top 500. Ai is already brutal enough lol. If you can buy yourself into the game now what kind of challenge is that?

Play the game n’ buy VIP. If you do the math you get about 4000 cash / month if you hit your daily cash and gold limits as a VIP, level 11. Now start thinking about that, VIP ain’t worth it? Yeah right, think twice, do the math. Im grinding max cash all day, i ain’t complaining my pockets are full, rolling in arena 7 top 200 with my rare team, lets go. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


I completely agree. It limits the amount pay to play players dramtically, My only issue is if you do want to contribute to the game its not worth it for casual players.


Ludia has always been extremely expensive in all their games. It is always their own down fall.

Unfortunately there are plenty who pay so they won’t change.


None of these types of games intend you to buy these items imo, instead it gives you a base price, so when you get your random one time offers it will look far superior in value… in fact, simply too good to miss, and the fact they are one time only it puts the pressure on to buy immediately. It’s just using psychology to get you to purchase, and it works!

I know this and still buy them, because, let’s face it, it still feels great value and adds a boost to your game.

Only those with money to burn buy the base priced items.


Then why do the limited one time offers keep getting more expensive till they cost more than the base?


You get loads more for the money vs the base. They’re most likely seeing what people are willing to spend. The last one i was offered was £18.99 but substantially more content that £18.99 of in game cash could possibly get me.


Let’s talk one time offers. You think regular is expensive. These one time offers go up every level. At first it was whatever but I’m only level 6 and it cost me 20 dollars for a one time offer. I’m guessing the next one will be 40 dollars. I stopped upgrading my dinosaurs just so I dont get tempted by this ridiculous one time offer pay to win (rich win) be. Keep in mind there are people who are level 19 and probably used the one time offer every level. Can we guess how much that cost.

Point is, the game is fun but the money is way way too much.


I agree, the pricing is downright greedy. It’s also designed so that the game is a pay to win, with progress held behind these high price walls. I’m disappointed and it certainly lets the game down.

I’d rather they added a decent vip version, that included a free epic incubator once a month, upgraded daily incubators, the same VIP benefits we currently have now, and higher dna collection rates. People would be happy to pay the amount we do now, and the developer can have a decent stream of money to support the game.

The gaming industry is going in a bad direction and they need to start treating players with more respect. We aren’t walking money bags.


One thing really disappointing is that they don’t give dna of all the dinos who have the picture on the incubator, I bought one because of a particular Dino but I got no dna for it


Don’t buy them, level up regularily, notice the game slowing down tremendously without loads of coins, that is the authentic JWA experience with loads of limitations that kind of ‘force’ you into paying to progress. Even then it is a complete gamble; you don’t know what you will get from an incubator… Read; It has a CHANCE to give DNA, not guaranteed.

It is a f2p like any other, except it is way more expensive and has loads of limitations to persuade you into buying these incubators. Don’t. Play the game on a regular basis without level-ups and incubators. With 40+ dinosaurs to level and 5.000 gold in the bank leveling will take you a very long while, good luck. For the record im still top 500, currently rank 310.