Incubators, darting and spawn mechanics


I really like this game but it’s really difficult to be positive when there are so many problems.

  1. We reported issue with dinosaurs spawning inside strike towers and Ludia dev team didn’t fix it.

  2. Spawn mechanics seems to be broken as nests don’t spawn dinosaurs listed on metahub.

  3. Incubators need to be reworked because players get tons of useless DNA. It’s needs some balancing!

Is it just me or others also noticed decreased numbers of Apatosaurus showing during the daytime? I see a lot of useless Hatzegopteryx everywhere. Sigh.


No still see plenty of them around


Plenty? Like how many? Can you provide a screen shot? I never had any issues finding them where I live or work until today. :slight_smile:


I still see plenty too :confused:


10+ a day at least


I did see them yesterday and day before but today only 1. :fearful:


For your 3rd suggestion i have suggested : Useless INCUBATORS Why not spicy things up.We keep the coins and the darts…but after that every reward will pop up with 2/3 choices and it will be upon us what we prefer and i believe sometimes will be a dilemma .
ex. 3rd reward on incubator 200 Dna vraptor or tany (we choose), 2nd reward 60 triceratops or dimetrodon ,
1st reward 15 Dna pyroraptor or T-rex The rewards will be our choices!!!

And soon there will be coming a major 1.5 update ,lets wait and see what will be added and fixed


At this moment I have the possibility of taking two Apatosaurus, although it is true that if I used to go out constantly, maybe 20 or 30 a day, now maybe half of them appear. The apatosauros only serve to me to merge nodopatosauro but now I do not have nodopatosauro DNA free and, however, I still have 3126 apatosauro-free DNA (15 shots).

In what I do agree is that the DNA obtained from the incubators are usually very disappointing. I have thousands of DNA from Stygi gene 2, Baryionix gen2, Koolasuchus Gen-2, Purrusaurus etc. I would prefer that the DNA to be distributed was by chance.