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Incubators disappearing and changing

Two different things have happened this week to me
1- when I had 3 incubators And was battling to fill my fourth I bumped up to the next arena and all incubators I had disappeared. (Which really sucked)
2- battling in the badlands I won a 24 hour incubator. I activated it yesterday. This morning it was ready. But did not look (turned into same color as a 15 minute- which I also had in a slot but not activated) and only received what I’d expect for a 15 minute incubator (113 coins and a few regular DNA) . Basically my 24 hour disappeared :frowning:

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Hey Kraven, sorry to hear that you are having these issues with the incubators. I’m not sure why this would be happening. However, our support team would be glad to take a look at your account and provide you with assistance.

It will be great if you could email our staff at and provide them with as much information as you can and your Support Key.

This happened to me too! I think the devs are scamming people. I really liked this game and have played a lot/spent money and referred a lot of friends to play. I’m thinking of uninstalling now. Might be just another money hungry app :rage:

Nooo, don’t leave us!