Incubators in general


I rally hope that free/3h/8h incubators gets buffed, the dna/coins you get from them is kinda just good in low levels, i know that we should get dna mostly going around and stuff but a lot of dinos are only or more obtainable from incubators, and getting so low dna from incubator really doesnt help, hope they get adjusted


Especially the free incubator you get every 6 hours. 3 Cash, 10 darts and 10 common DNA. OH BOY AM I HYPED TO GET THAT FREE REWARD. Make it 100 DNA and remove cash and darts, would be much more appreciated.


Yeah…is based on the player lvl and is just bad…


I agree. When you level up it tells you that your incubator level has increased but its still the same amount of dna at level 10 as it is at level 1. A scaling up of dna in incubators as level increase would make sense.


Cash and darts are always welcome though. Just increase the DNA as well :slight_smile:


If there were no dart limits, I think I would have about 2000 of them by now. And for the cash, it’s not like 5-6 cash a day is ever going to make a difference…


Keep the cash drop. Boost the coins and scale it better to leveling. I’d say 10 free darts isn’t an issue and a good help every few hours. The DNA should definitely scale better through. Like have it in a range per level
Level - dna drop range
1 - 50-100
2 - 50-250
3 - 100-500
4 - 250-600
5 - 400-800
6 - 500-1000
7 - 600-1000
8 - 700-1000
9 - 800-1000
10+ - 900-1000
While the boosts are getting larger the amount of exp needed at these things grows significantly larger. Cap the max per freebie at 1000 for the higher levels.
Common dna is 75%
Rare - 20%
Epic - 4.99%
Legendary - 0.01%


You can get rare and epic dna from free incubator but its turbo rare. So far I got 2x 10 T rex from free incubator


All I get is 7 common velo dna