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Incubators not activating

Tried activating my 8h incubator but It wouldn’t activate no matter How many times I tried, even after relaunching the game many times.

Me too.

I think it occurred after I watched a video to reduce time from another incubator which I have yet to open.

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I didn’t immediately try to activate the incubator after watching a video, but it’s very likely a bug related to this.

Thanks for reporting this, Isaah_Wii. We’ve received reports of this as well, and our team is looking into it.

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I have had this issue since the update. It’s almost like the time for the next incubator to be available to activate is tied specifically to the original time so we aren’t really getting our 15 min deductions, are we? So if I speed it up twice I have to wait half an hour after the incubator is finished just to start the next one.

I had the same issue with a 15 minutes incubator. Had to restart the game to fix it

Seems like the most likely explanation.

I’ve had this too, just before my game locked me out. It’s not getting past 17/26, and yes I tried shutting down my device and restarting. I even tried logging in from a different device.

I waited a while (2 hours) and everything’s working fine now.