Incubators of junk


Who agrees that we should have a option to delete unwanted incubators from our battle to make room for ones we do want, hate getting the useless ones


huh? which are useless


Well if you wanna get technical all pretty much are as you mainly get useless DNA for Dino’s without hybrids, but I would rather just save my 8hr ones and trash the 12 and 3s


And my reasoning for this is I wanna keep fighting and not have my bar full of junk and miss out on the ones I do wanna keep as I don’t have cash to open now


I find that losing more than half the time keeps my incubator space open. Have you tried being…bad?


Lol, I am bad!!
Just in low enough lvl to get some wins haha


i get my 8 hr everynight i dont hold on to them.


(I personally think the 3 hour ones and 15 min ones are both better than the 12 hr ones.) I’d go for a new 6 hr incubator with truly random DNA, get rid of the 12 and the 3.


I love the 15 min incubators. I just need to watch the bleeding advert and I get coins for it.


The rare incubators are awfull I used to be happy to get one now I’m just like what rubbish is in it now?


Id be happy with just better commons… give me some of this dna i need 500+ for fusions…i got 139 pararo dna and i was like woo 2 more weeks of this and itlk be enought for one fusion of my current 450 stygi dna


I fought long & hard triumph over lv25 stregodeus but all I ever get are those d a m n 15mins incubators?!


What level your opponent dinos are or how you win doesn’t impact what incubator you receive.
The incubators follow a standard cycle of 3h -> 15m -> 3h -> 3h -> 8h/12h/24h where every fifth 8h incubator can be 12h/24h based on another sub cycle.

Check the incubator cycle thread for more details or check meta website.


I get that. But I also do not get to choose who I meet at that turn of the cycle. No worries just saying