Incubators still need work


I’m in arena 7. Every single incubator I’ve gotten since the update have been lower tier rewards. It even says on the one I have activated now that I’m getting arena 3s exclusive and not arena 7. So this needs changed cause if I’m going to continue to get the rewards of lower arenas, which if I wanted those I’d drop to them, what’s the point of playing?


I give u a point on that. I opened like 5-7 epic incub and 0 T-Rex dna


Same, getting Mt. Sibo exclusive guarantees (Irritator Gen 2) but I’m in Badlands (Irritator Gen 1). Granted, I’m happy for the mistake as I’m trying to level up my new teammate, Suchotator, but it is disappointing that once I want to move on, I’m not able to depend on the in-game reward menu as anything resembling a reliable guide.