Incubators SUCK!


Is it just me or are incubators becoming increasingly sucky!! Like rare and epic incubators from battles and even strike events contain DNA for the worst dinos that have no point in levelling up as they have useless abilities and no chance of fusing! What’s the point


Yes totally agree with you they suck especially the rare ones.

And enough with the styg gen 1 and 2 we really don’t want them…


Incubators from strikes are free so why complain? Should be happy that they are giving free incubators as they are in store so expensive.


Yes, they’re free but the fact that they’re really useless probably make people think twice or more before buying one themselves. So it’s not even business smart either, imo.


If someone gave you a flaming bag of dog doo would you also say “hey its free, cant complain!”. The point is that incubators are something people get excited about and are suppose to help you advance in the game but clearly intentionally give out some or the most useless DNA so Ludia can say “Hey look! We’re cool! We give you free stuff!” even though its usually completely useless aside from the small pittance of coins.

I dont know why people feel the need to chime in and harsh on people who feel like the game could do more for the players. Why would you argue AGAINST better stuff? Just sit back, roll your eyes if you don’t agree, and scroll on.


Just because they’re free doesn’t stop them from being shite, fact still remains. As useless as the G in lasagne


Yes they are hit and miss but from yesterdays rare cunning creatures i got 80 mono dna from the second incubator.
Incubators should be seen as supplementary, dont have any expectations about what you will recieve.
The ones i dont do are the ones that give like 24 rare dna and 100 common, they are a waste of time.


In one week I got 3 epic incubators, one from strike event, one 24hour and one I bought as one time offer for leveling up to 15. May be it’s my bad luck, I didn’t get usable DNA remotely close to my current team, all of them had koolasuchus and secodontosaurus. Only good thing was hard cash and some coins


As useless as teats on a boar hog


Got over 200 styg DNA in my 24 hour incubator…

Keep your trash Ludia


If someone gave you a flaming bag of poo that had $100 under it so all you had to do was move the bag to get it and you knew it was coming so could have gloves or tools ready… There are coins, there is useful DNA sometimes so no, you shouldnt complain


I won’t complain about the strike events, but i’m with you about the battle incubators. It’ s getting annoying to get so much stiggy gen 2 DNA. :sob:


This is such a valid point. Like I’m down with spending a few of my hard earned beans on an incubator if I had an expectation of getting something worthwhile but paying upwards of 20 bucks on HC just to buy an incubator full of absolute horse…nah where’s the logic. No sales incentive here


i find i get way better DNA from 15 min incubators than 3hours incubators! its a bit like how common dinos are rarer then rare dinos these days…somethings wrong with this picture hahaha