Incubators: walking vs. stationary


Has anyone tested the incubators spawn frequencies via walking vs staying at home? I got 3 epics from home when I bought the epic incubator, with typical 2:00 minute spawns of other creatures and am curious if the spawn rate truly does increase if you walk, and if so, how much better it really is


You mean scent capsules?

I opened a common one today whilst walking and I think I got 4 instead of 3 that i normally get when not walking, I also got a rare dino in it.


You mean the scent capsules? I’ve used up 4 so far but have found no difference in number of epic spawns. In fact, while the first time gave me three epic spawns (all Concavenators), the most recent three only yielded two epics. I do get a lot of common spawns, however.

In all four scenarios I was walking around 2mph pace. First time I test it at dusk, second and third time at night and fourth time in the morning. I’m just unlucky, I suppose.


Dang, yes I meant scent capsules, thats what I get for trying to play games while at work :rofl: