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Indo g2 is back ...😤

How come I do g2 would lose in an epic and rare tourney but can thrive in a legendary and unique tourney. Come on guys, seriously. I really do like it’s design tho with its blue stripe and small snout. But looks can be deceiving, It keeps killing my indom and Draco. Anything else that is usable for this tourney besides maxima,

Tryko, mammolania, maxima, Gemini, rixs, dioraj, Orion, thyla, testa, nemys, and toura: you have got to be kidding me.


You can literally use almost any resilient creature and kill it lol


Exactly (10)


Indo2 is cannon fodder now. Pretty much anything with a resilient move deletes it.


True but I have seen it in almost every team.

I haven’t seen a single indo and that coming from someone in the top 20

And with my kinda team, indo is nothing but free kill


Then those people ain’t gonna get far


Ok, I’m using indom, Thor, maxima, Indo g2, dracoceratops, thyla, Troy and monolometradon, I have most legendaries but the only other unique is Indo. What should I use instead of the Indo g2.

If you have sarco, use that. Also, if you have mammotherium, ditch thor for mammotherium, as it’s much better. Monostego (if you have it) is good as your team lacks swap utility. Indo can be used for mags, so I would keep it

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I don’t have mammo. I will replace Indo g2 with Indo. What should I replace with monostego.

use ardonto! it’s very useful, replace it with tryo…

I just replaced monolometradon with monostego. I have maxima tho so I should be fine.

wait, how many mags do u c in ur arena?

Should I replace Tryo with sarco.m

nooo Monolometrodon is so much better

Ok, I’ll change it back

This is tourney not arena. I don’t see many in aviary tho. I see a lot here which is why I use Indo and maxima.

give priority to ardonto

ah ok (10)