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Indo g2 loses to the 🐢

I never tough I will see this image.


Wow not bad, did you hit a critical chance?

Turtle :turtle:Power :boom:


Mutual fury for the fail??

I’ve beaten Carbo with Indo G2, in the tournament, so I’m pretty sure it’s not guaranteed to go either way.
Brontolasmus can beat Indo G2 too, as long as it doesn’t crit.

it can also beat Phorusaura and sometimes Yoshi. It can also annoy the hell out of Monostegotops.

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I like that I made this post 4 days ago when the tournament was still up, but only now the comments start to appear.


Many things in this game don’t make any sense whatsoever. Ludia makes silly herbivorous creatures more powerful than carnivorous predators.

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Einiasuchus was so annoying. Well still is somewhat.

what planet did you find turtle dna? :sob:


That 60 percent armour did its job well

I bet they will also add armour boosts in the near future so even Erlidom and other speedsters will have 50% armour too. This game is becoming a joke now. ;/

To be fair, Carbo was no “silly herbivore”.

Many Slowing Dinos can beat Indo G².

Guess it’s a powerhouse lol. Turtles are really something in this game!

That Superior Vulnerability move is something else. It makes you vulnerable before the initial hit, slows you down, and leaves you vulnerable after the fact. And since the other move is two whole turns away, Carbo has to keep on using it, whittling the health away before the crazy powerful move. Just be lucky that this moveset isn’t on a dino that’s stupid powerful, like Indo G2 or Diloacherius. Or even, be happy that Carbo and its hybrid doesn’t have a high base power, like 1100 or anything like that.

Bronto can’t beat indo gen 2: indo goes for cautious strike and then for mutual fury and it’s over, he doesn’t even need to dodge, bronto will only do 3300 damage max because of the dmg reduction with cautious strike, nomatter what bronto does indo wins. Same play with the turtle, you guys really overrate these new cenezoic hybrids​:joy::joy:

I know it works because I used it in the tournament. You need to use the new long shielding strike first, then Decel Rampage and Definite Rampage. Most of the time the opponent goes for Definite Rampage as fast as they can, but if Indo doesn’t crit then it’s dead the next turn.
It might depend a bit on dodges, and whether or not the Indo user has the brains to keep using Cautious Strike, but the Bronto user can always counter by alternating Shields with Deceleration. So it will come down to mind games.
The way it went in the tournament, if the opponent didn’t swap it was usually an 80% chance of victory to Brontolasmus. To be fair, this was probably because my opponents all expected Decel Rampage right off the bat, but even if they hadn’t, Bronto would still have stood a fighting chance.

Apart from the aforementioned Turtle (I’m assuming mind games apply here, because I did take out a turtle in the tournament with my own Indo G2) and a lucky Ardontosaurus, I don’t think anything else could take out Indo G2 in the tournament, 1v1 (excluding Indo G2 itself, of course). A few creatures, including Procera can take one out if it’s already boosted it’s speed on a previous turn (dodges and by extension mind games apply).

Indo wins if the players plays cautious strike twice and then rampage, without critt fair and square, there is nothing bronto or the turtle could do. Of course you could win if the indo player doesn’t know how to beat you, but if I say I did beat Thor with a tryko would you agree with that? Although it’s true?

What’s to disagree with? Unless the statement was Tryko beats Thor 100% of the time, it depends on how it’s played. As for Bronto vs Indo, Indo should always win, like you said, unless Bronto crits on a rampage.

Of course with a health boost, maybe two, Bronto could still be used to counter a base Indo. With some smart boosting, you could have an easy-to level Indo G2 counter on your hands.