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Indo G2

Indo g2 is moving away from jwa to jurassic world the game. This is a sign that indo g2 will be nerfed here and be insane in the other game. I report that all men and women evacuate the jurassic world the game while you can. Everyone get your indos out and ready.

Lol if only I actually grinded that game like I did this one

If Indo Gen 2 gets nerfed then I quit playing. Simple as that

I wouldn’t consider that. Indo G2 may get nerfed here but I am sure it won’t be nerfed monomimus style, as for JWTG, I’m sure it won’t be very broken, I can imagine the Indoraptor G2 will probrably have less HP than the regular indo but more DMG than it. Remember that Gorgosuchus is currently the strongest amphibian in JWTG so I am sure that the gorgosuchus will be able to stand a chance against the Indo G2.

I mean that absurd health pool plus type weakness

There won’t be as much of a problem in JWTG as there was/is in JWA. it has only 2 stats that it has to deal with and also type disadvantages. JWTGs version would be much more balanced.

as for nerfing it here, not gonna say one way or another. Don’t know jack about what Ludia is planning for the next update, other than a vague boost reset and coop.


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It is not a creature made from the past. Tis’ a blockade to Paradise.

Indo gen 2 will have more around 2000 more HP than indoraptor but around 200 less attack I predict.

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I won’t miss this white cancer. Most annoying hybrid in JWA since SIDSR rat

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When they added Indominus Rex Gen 2 to Jurassic World The Game, they did not nerf it in JWA, in fact it is still a really strong creature in this game