Indo Gen 2 Small Nerf Idea

I know Indo gen 2 just got nerfed. It it was very minor. I’m not nerfing much though. I’m mostly just nerfing it’s cautious strike and crit chance although buffing the armor.

Current Indo gen 2
Health: 3900
Damage: 1400
Critical: 20%
Armor: 0%

Cautious Strike:
Deal 1x damage. Bypass evasive abilities. Increase speed by 10% for 2 turns. 75% chance to dodge 66% of damage for 1 turn. Reduce opponent’s damage by 50% for 1 turn.

Mutual Fury:
Cleanse self. Increase damage 50%: 1 turn for the opponent, 2 turns for self. Increase speed by 10% for two turns.

Defense Shattering Rampage: Deal 2x damage. Destroy shields. Bypass armor.

Evasive Stance: Priority. Gain 75% chance to doge 66% of damage for 3 turns.

New Indo gen 2
Health: 3900
Damage: 1400
Critical: 5%
Armor: 10%

Cautious Strike: Deal 1x damage. Bypass evasive abilities.75% chance to dodge 66% of damage for 1 turn.

the rest of the moves remain the same.

I am Nerfing crit chance because I Rex g2 and blue only have 5%. I am taking out the distraction and speed boost because the speed can already be boosted with mutual fury. And if the indo g2 doges then a dino like Thor will only do somewhere around 15% of its normal attack.


That ain’t “small”
That just makes cautious strike a slightly better evasive strike

I was referring to the entirety of the Dino. The evasive part is the same. I just took out distraction and the speed boost.

But that’s what makes cautious strike. If anything, Indo gen 2 should lose a bit of hp. Something like 3500 hp, with the other stats and moves as is. But you take the distraction and speed away, you nerf indo way too hard

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Cautious Strike in this case becomes Evasive Strike.

IndoR G2 will get the nerf hammer next round with its ProceRat comrade.

Wun be surprised IndoR G2 gets definite strike to replace cautious strike and CS goes to a new dino like ProceRat’s superhybrid.

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Are people still having real big troubles with ig2? Now that cs can’t cleanse and ig2 can be slowed I have even less troubles with them.

I’m not fully against a nerf though. But ProRat needs a nerf most out of everything in the game atm lol.


I dislike proRat so much now. That I already will say, screw its hybrid. Not interested. I don’t think it should get one. They should just nerf the new rat some and leave it.


Cautious means aware. He should only evase and distract only

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IG2 is less a problem but still a boost sink so will get nerf. ProceRat has sucked enough boosts too.

There is enough anger and lead time for both to get nerfed to DracoRat levels.

Given how long ProceRat has been complained about, I think enough time has passed for the boost sales to start drying up, so they may indeed nerf it “for balance” lol

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Actually, since cautious strike lost its cleansing ability, it made Indo2 powerful, since now it has reason to use it’s mutual fury. It is almost always faster, so use of mutual fury, was kinda idiotic before. Now, if its slowed down, survives two hits (always does) then it just goes for mutual fury. Next turn it’s able to take out opponent and perform buffed damage on the next creature.
Just my thought, but CS shouldn’t be able to dodge, since evasive stance already does that.
Cautious strike
Deal 1x damage, bypassing cloak and evasion, reduce opponent damage by 50%, increase speed 10% for 1 turn.
And I also think it shouldn’t be immune to distraction.


I know it ain’t small, but Indo2 needs to behave like a proper ledendary, not like some overpowered prat.


I’d go further and completely remove the speed buff. It isn’t needed at all, and it’d make it revenge-killable.


It already had a nerf when it got its cleansing ability taken away. Let it be. It is now easily counterable.


Cautious Strike:
1x Damage. 100% Chance to Dodge 66% Damage for one turn
Mutual Fury: Same
Precise Pounce

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I think I’d be happy if they just removed CS’s ability to hit through evasive. Evading/cloaking against it should be a viable strategy. If indo g2 wants to mitigate a big hit, it can evade too.

In the cautious strike, I kind of just want the distraction part gone because I use allosinosaurus and almost have Thor. Allosinos impact usually dies 1800 but which cautious strike it only does 300.

And that’s what makes indo gen 2. I would try to avoid thor. Use tryko. SOOOOO much better

Ok, that might take a while though, kentrosaurus is the problem.

But in the long run, ditch thor.