Indo gen2, Procera, Indo gen2, Procera

Bored as hell to fight only these cheated creatures. Tired to see that my magna lvl 29 is destroyed by Indo gen 2 lvl 24 (magical super strike cautious strike, take speed then rampage)

Ludia wake up


another update… another doug.

i remember times of draco draco draco draco, or thor thor thor thor…

it’s ludia strategies… what can we do.

one of my workarounds is: drop to lower arenas, setup a team b, and have some fun.


I’m so sick of that as well! Ludia should wake up and fix those bloody dinos! :frowning:

It’s ridicule, new players are winning with team lower than mine only thanks to indoraptor gen 2 they overboosted. Then of course I loose 40 trophy. @Ludia_Developers it’s time to wake up seriously !!! And with the crap matchmaking over 5500 trophy, we loose too many trophy even if your opponent is really much higher! My team is average lvl 28 and I fight full team lvl 30 with Thor 149 speed and I loose 38 trophy, does it sound fair to you ?? Even if I get the luck to win a bit, I find this Indo gen 2 that breaks me using cautious strike. Come one, rampage with a thorado does only 500 dmg this is non sense (because -50% dmg + evasion of Indo gen 2) !!

I feel so dumb to have increased my diloracheirus who worth nothing now, it takes me one year to level up her until lvl 29, more generally the first uniques creatures of the game for the most part are really too low against legendary and epic now pfff what a waste of energy and time…

With all the changes that ludia makes, we should get back our boost for free to adjust our team regarding the new updates, I would definitely get everything back from my diloracheirus…

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I feel you! It’s a mess that Ludia created and doesn’t want to deal with now. I also have indo g2 that soon will be level 29 but I won’t use it until Cautious Strike is fixed. Unlike others I don’t want to take advantage of that OP dino.

Dilorach is a garbage now. I benched mine a few months ago.

I really don’t understand why Ludia makes all new hybrids so superior to nearly all original tyrants. They should try to make them equally good so we would have some variety in the arena.

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