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Indo map

Has anyone seen the indoraptor? I have none in sight. That is annoying because it is good for me now but I don’t want to waste indom dna.

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Must all be near me. Within my drone range there are six and I can several more just beyond that range.


It’s out there.

One next door.

Oh come on, there are 3 indoraptor right outside my drone range

Im really lucky…this did not happen when i had to dart the Dentist/Orion or Indom…

Just had this but luckily I was thrown around the map and had it in range!! I had a 24.

I saw 10 indoraptors @Colin

The special event gave us some indoraptors in the map :world_map:.

Oh you are not a VIP. I am not a VIP too.

Yeah, I think it is a waste of money imao

Managed to dart it. That tail spot got me though never even managed triple figures. I hate those tail spots!!!

Me too. I hate those tail spots

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I just found 1. It hadn’t loaded properly yet. For some reason it feels like different rarities always take the same supply drops. Uniques and legendaries always take the ones next to my house while rares and commons are a little farther but epics are a little farther than that.