Indo on 4th Nov

Well I posted this in the IRex thread, but yup, you guessed it! Post got auto hidden because I linked to… yes you guessed it… JWA Twitter account!.. go figure!

Anyway, Indo is coming on Nov 4th, day after IRex.


This is the kindof repeat week I could get behind :slight_smile:


Yup me too!

This will also be my first lot of dna for Indo as i’m not quite there yet to start fusing.

What level are you?
Obviously make it count as much as possible … haha and not that you have much control over it, but try to have your final DNA dart count not end with a 9… I have a couple friends (ahemm @Heather & @TyrannosaurusLex) who’ve been in that boat :joy: :t_rex: :dart:


I don’t think lex needs extra dna… I think you’ve just made this up :joy::joy:

This is the second time I believe he’s suggested I have 9 extra DNA. :rofl:

He does a lot of computer work obviously his eyes are going funny! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m lvl 11 currently. No idea how i’ll do. The only time I have darted a legendary was the Alanqasaurus thingy and well the game screwed me because my crosshairs shot across the map and I had to find the bird on screen again and when I finally managed to find it, it escaped!

So i’m assuming Uniques get 1 dna less per direct hit than Legendaries do? I’m not expecting to get a big amount from it, but anything will be a good head start for fusing. I’m guaranteed to get anything but a nice round 10, 20, 30 etc lol.

Post hidden again, i’m getting victimised here!

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Awesome news!!

I was level 9 the last time indoraptor was in the parks and I got 29 so fingers crossed you get more than that :joy:


Ohh I’m sorry, @TyrannosaurusLex haha, for some reason I thought your indoraptor DNa ended with a 9

@Heather haha, maybe my vision is getting worse in my old age :older_man:t4::joy:

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I feel even worse now knowing I’m all alone with my 9 dna. Thanks @Hersh :frowning:


But only for one more week!!
Then this era is over … you may end up missing that “9” that’s been with you for months

(Unless if you dart a multiple of 10 this time around, then it’ll stay :grin:)

Well, the amount of DNA I need to unlock this beast is exactly the amount I got when Indoraptor was first featured in an event week. I’ll embrace it :smiley:

Ha i got 37 when he came out and now i have 57/100!! I grafted hard to get the raptors and it got me right up to 247 :grin: Then i got 40 on him.

Knowing our luck we will probs get either 30 or 40 on him ha

I was level 7 and got a 43… I guess everyone chokes on these things.

I’m hoping we get more than one shot at him though.

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dang i thought he was going to be released in the wild.

It escaped after like 3/4 darts im sure