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Indo or Indo Gen 2?

I was thinking of adding Indoraptor to my team, but I’m not sure which one is better to have on my team. I just wanted to hear from others which they think is the best.

1st impressions… G2 is significantly better.


Why not both?!

I was thinking about it, but I’m not sure what else to take off my team

Because of the immunities if you start with cautious strike only an immune (or naturally faster creature) can have a chance of avoiding the rampage


Indoraptor G2, better base attack, same speed, pretty much same health, plus indoraptor g2 has cautious strike which is awesome, and definite rampage is better than indo g1’s dsr. The one case where g1 is better is against bleeders.

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Dont forget Cautious Strike cleanses too

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I wonder if it would be worth it to run both?

Right. Therefore in no case is indoraptor g1 ever better than g2. Except for the fact that everyone has boosted high level g1s but not high level boosted g2.

Thats the tradeoff; make the inferior one easier to get, while making the other a god, while being significantly harder to get thanks to Blue.

At least Blue is farmable now tho :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten to use Indo G2/ Indom G2 in too many times in PvP yet but depending on the speed of the creature your facing depends on whether to use (cautious strike or evasive stance) OR (mutual fury) and then the definite rampage.

If the chance to use mutual fury comes, that definite rampage can one shot some things and if you get the 20% crit, one shot many more things.

Mutual fury is not the best use against high hit point creatures, I’ve found in friendly battling.

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I find gen2 to be a great closer- using cautious strike to finish off the second dino is then speed boosted and evading ready to take down the 3rd too.
I use gen1 as a speedy, versatile starter when I haven’t drawn utasino or erlidom

First impression, indo 2 apparently has leprosy… the big ugly. Not sure why they made it white. (I realize that probably has nothing to do with your decision)

They made it white to refer to the unused Indoraptor from fallen kingdom. There was originally going to be two, the black one and a white one