Indo over monomimus

Is it just me or would anyone else rather have a fight against indo raptor then monomimus?


You’re not alone.

I almost find the only way to beat an opponents mono is to use my own. If it’s one level higher than mine then I’m totally screwed. Otherwise I just hope one of my other damage dinos can hit through it’s cloak.
Indo at least can be slowed/distracted/stunned. In fact I don’t even fear them as much anymore (4200 trophies)

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yup, mostly because Indo doesn’t have immunity, more easy to deal with.

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On the same level, a monomimus is much stronger than an Indoraptor. In fact, I’m more afraid of a Monomimus of 20 than of an Indoraptor of 23.

As my monominus is level 19 and my rivals have higher monomimus and I do not have any other canceller, my only alternative is to put in front of the monomimus some of my powerful tanks (stegodeus 25, Stegoceratops 22, Tragodistis 22 and, to a lesser extent , RajaKylosauro of 19) and wait until little by little to harm the monomimus. The Monomimus has it all except breaking armor and, therefore, the damage it does to these tanks is limited. If in front of the monomimus I have any other member of the team (Indominus, Indoraptor, Monomimus, Tryostronix), the fight ends in drama. In fact, having a tank-based team is really a necessity to fight against the Monominus and Indoraptors of my rivals.

I guess somebody will say that because I do not use Monostegotops that is the best “Anti-Monomimus” but it is because the creators of the game are so “sadistic” that they made both share one of the scarcest DNA and, therefore, can not be possible to evolve both.


I see an indo i don’t feel as though i am in trouble but with a monomimus i already feel the battle is lost even with a monostegotops it can only nulify but not slow or stun the pesky thing

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