Indo points


How did you do?



XD I only got 19 dna. I tried multiple times, but each time, couldn’t get enough.


I got 39 then it bolted. To bad we cant all collaborate and make one indoraptor we share! XD


30 before shenanigans happened to allow it to escape.


It all happend fo fast,still I got some DNA I suppose.


Highest amount I’ve seen on here so far, well done.


27 here. Could be more, but you now “Creature escaped” almost in the middel of chasing (THANKS LUDIA!)


Thankyou,I thought I done poorly,I know the indo is a exclusive,so I do understand why they gave only one chance,annoying which is though.Anyway otherwise the online battles would be a frenzy.


Got only 25 cuz my game glitched after shoot her 3 times. I could do nothing but let her escape.

Hmm, I don’t think this might be an easter egg…

It should be a bug.
According to there’s at least 2 bugs related to weekly epic showcase at the first time it released on 6/18, I won’t be suprised they got a new bug for hunting Indoraptor now.


It doesn’t matter though since basically no one will play this game long enough to get it



Eh…Hard to make assumptions like that, but I would say the really dedicated players who are in high frequency spawn areas (for Rex and Raptors) are liable to obtain it sooner than we might expect.

I know it’ll probably be at least another month before I’m even close to unlocking I-Rex, but I’m okay with that.


I got 21. The Dino escaped when I was just shooting at his tail. I don’t see how that could happen but it was nice to see a unique in the wild.


I just did it (right before the event ended, so I got indo and blue in the same walk). First attempt I got 23 DNA and then the screen started glitching just like people have been saying. I got pissed off, I force closed the game and tried again. The second attempt I managed to avoid the glitch and the run away (man that thing runs FAST) and got 43 DNA. I’ll settle for that, but it’s outrageous that they created that glitch just to cheat us further.